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The Art Of Reiki

    The Reiki level two attunement allows contact with other realities, and the Reiki healer learns to access other worlds for information and help in healing.  The level to healer moves beyond the limits of their body.  Reiki one change your life.  Reiki level two changes to you are in relation to yourself and the world.  Everyone is stretched by Reiki level two, everyone grows.

    The major teaching of a Reiki level two is distance or absentee healing.  Absentee healing is basically a process of visualization while in a light meditative state.  One way to do this is to visualize the person you wish to send energy to them may not appear clearly.  He may see a silhouette, or a fuzzy outline of a person, light or colors.  Any representation is correct.  If you are dominant sense is not vision, the person may appear as sound or fragrance.  You'll recognize them in any form that they come to you in.

    Draw the symbols and say the persons named three times.  If you know the location of the person, repeat that location three times.  Using the top of your thigh, Your hands around the upper portion of your knee.  This represents the upper portion of the body.  All the position for five minutes.  At this point you look up your hand on the upper portion of your thigh misrepresents the lower portion of the body.  Hold the position for five minutes.

    The ethic for Reiki is that healing can only be done with permission or intent of the person receiving the healing.  This includes long distance healing.  If you're not sure of the answer to this question send the healing with a clear intent that it be accepted by free well.  I was asked that if the energy is not accepted the go on to someone who will excepted.

    When you have finished with the distance healing session visualize the person recovered and well.  Then draw from the meditation and returned to the present awareness.  This process takes only a few minutes to complete, a far shorter time been explaining.

    By using the Hon She Ze Sho Nen symbol you can direct the healing to repeat as often as you wanted to.  Designate the healing to repeat for as long as the person needs it, or until some specific goal is met.

    Reiki energy goes to wear healing is needed by using the Se Hei Ki symbol, the emotional aspect is specifically addressed and this is often the key to the healing.  The Se Hei Ki symbol is sometimes shown paired, facing each other and drawn upside-down.  Is felt that this use of the symbol integrates the left and right house of the brain.

    The third symbol is Hon She Ze Sho Nen.  It is the energy that transmits Reiki healing across distance, space and time.  The Hon She Ze Sho Nen symbol appears in the shape of a tall pyramid, and resembles the human body.  It is known in English as the "Pagoda" but the "Stupa" eccentric Buddhist representation of the chakras, is probably more correct.  The symbol spells a sentence that translates to mean, "No past, no present, no future."

    The Hon She Ze Sho Nen symbol has the most variations and versions of all of them, perhaps because of its complexity to remember in drop.  Like the other Reiki symbols, it is written in Japanese and meant to transmit a picture.  I believe that all variations "work", so do not be concerned by other versions of the symbol.  Remember intent is the key.


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