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The Art Of Reiki
Level 1
Level 2
Distance Healing



    In Reiki level 1, the attunement itself heals the person who receives it and healing sessions are primarily for self-healing and for healing someone who is physically present.

    In Reiki level 2, the Ki energy is measurably increased and focuses upon the emotional, mental and spiritual healing of the person who receives it.  Healing in Reiki level 2 adds considerable power to direct sessions.  It also enables the receiver to do distance healing.  In Reiki level 2 three other Reiki symbols are given and used consciously for the first time.

    Reiki level three is the master/teacher degree.  A master is simply a teacher, one who has mastered a disciplined.  No ego or ownership is involved in the term.  The attunement brings in spiritual level energy and achieves spiritual healing in the person receiving. The energy is pure joy, oneness with all life, and connection with the source or God. Reiki three is a joyous gift.  Reiki three includes two more key symbols and the method of passing attunements. This degree is recommended for the serious healer, and especially for those wishing to teach Reiki and make a Reiki a part of their lives.

    The learning process begins with Reiki level 1 and receiving the first attunement.  Once you place your hands down to heal, the Ki energy does all the work without any direction from the practitioner.  It simply flows through the hands.  The healer may not know what needs healing, but Reiki energy has its own intelligence and will go where it is needed.  In healing a headache, Reiki may also heal other areas and levels.  Healing is not physical alone, but includes the vibrational levels of the body as well.  The physical and nonphysical disease must be healed to heal the body.  Because of the protective nature of Reiki energy, the healer is unlikely to absorb another's pain or emotional states.

    The practitioner or healer cannot take credit for what happens in the healings, nor is the healer responsible if nothing takes place.  The person receiving the healing may, consciously or not, refuse the energy, deciding to retain the disease or to die.  I fully believe healing to be a three-way agreement between the healer, the receiver and God or source.  A healer does not do a healing to someone, but with them.

    Reiki is totally positive and can never cause harm to any living thing, whatever their condition or status.

    Occasionally a healer learns that the person receiving a treatment does not believe in Reiki.  If that person gives permission or expresses his intent for the healing, and they are open to it, the healing happens without belief.  Someone not open to it consciously or unconsciously, can block the process.  Reiki will not violate anyone's free will.  If the person refuses the energy, a healer can do more.  Reiki will not interfere with medications or other procedures.  It will make them more effective and the patient more comfortable.

    As a system of great power it is important to know, that there is very little you can do wrong in this healing.  Reiki energy has an intelligence far beyond human knowledge.  Much will be gained through your actual experience as you move through each treatment, than could ever be written or described.  The natural energy flow of this healing process is illuminating, balancing, energizing and revealing, and as your experience grows it will come to have a deeper and deeper meaning.


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