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The Art Of Reiki
Dr. Usui
3 Levels

    Both hands, palms down are always used in Reiki healing.  Fingers and those are extended and held together, as if they had socks over them.  They are placed on the energy centers of the body in the Reiki positions and rested there gently, completely relaxed with no exerted pressure.  Both hands must be on the receivers body or held just above it.  When both hands are rested on your self or another, the energy activates and comes through.  Always remembered to give intent or permission for healing.  When the hands are moved the energy stops.

    When the healers hands are placed in a Reiki position, the healers feels a cycle of sensations.  Most healers feels sensations of heat, tingling or vibration, cold, trembling, magnetism, color, sound or in extremely rare cases, pain moving through the hands.  You will feel it is correct for you, there is no right or wrong.  The sensations continue for what may seem like a very long time, generally five minutes lead can continue for up to 10 minutes.  Once the healing cycle has completed, the hands will return to a gentle warm state, this is the signal to move on to the next position.  Occasionally, the sensations seem to go on forever and the healer's hands feel glued in place.  Continue with that position for as long as you need to be there.  If your hands feel free to move and the sensations go on and on, stay a reasonable amount of time and then move to the next position.  More healing is needed in that area.  Remember, pain and disease cannot develop overnight and may take several sessions to healing.  Honor your intuition, and remember there is no right or wrong.  The sensations may be less distinct in the self-healing than in healing others.  Remember do not cross your arms or legs while doing a treatment.  You are dealing with energy.


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