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The Art Of Reiki
Dr. Usui
3 Levels

    Originally Reiki had no symbols and no attunements other than the laying on of hands.  Dr. Usui fairly quickly observed that people needed something to mentally focus on and hold on to.  In recognition of this very human need he created what are now known as the traditional Reiki symbols.  Mrs. Takata wanting to maintain her monopoly on Reiki required that her students learn and draw the  symbols and then destroy them before leaving the classroom.  This was to ensure the secrecy of the symbols and the tradition of Reiki.  I believe that this creates room for error and forgetfulness, and it is much better if the student has the symbols to refer to at home.  Our memories often distort things and I have seen many distorted symbols, usually because students had no drawings to refer to.  Therefore, I encourage you to learn how to draw the symbols in class and take them home with you to practice and refer back to.  My training has been in both traditional and modern Reiki methods and I have found both to be strong and powerful.  As you continue on your journeys are Reiki healer, the open to all and then choose for yourself.  As I stated before the Reiki symbols are useless to anyone who has not received the Reiki to attunement so there is no need for secrecy.

    Intent is the key in using rating symbols.  Our Reiki guidance (yes, you have one) want his healing to happen in every way possible on the planet at this time.  They facilitate the healing in every way they can.  If you never drawn a symbol incorrectly, don't start over, they will fix it.  Do not however, uses as an excuse to draw this lawfully or not memorize them.  Our guides will support our honest efforts.  The best way to learn the symbols is to use them daily.  Always treat them with respect.  They are sacred representations of God energy and in body the energy themselves.  I believe a Reiki energy is to be shared....share it often.

Cho Ku Rei


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    This is the power symbol and it is the most frequently used in any Reiki healing session or attunement.  It can also be visualized as being beamed from the palms of the hand.


Se He Ki


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    This is the emotional healing symbol.  It is used in nearly every Reiki healing attunement and is particularly useful for clients are dealing with excessive amounts of stress and emotional upset.


Han She Ze Sho Nen


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    This is the distance symbol.  This symbol should be used prior to any long distance healing session and it is the symbol of that is implanted in the aura during a Reiki level two attunement.

Di Ko Miyo


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    This is the master symbol and it is used only for the master or Reiki level three attunement.




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    This symbol is used at the end of every attunement as a means to ground the attunement session. It is typical with work of this kind to experience euphoria, lightheadedness, and vertigo.  The use of this symbol provides an element of grounding which should neutralize these effects.


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